Kids Roller Disco at Mo Roller in Hampshire

Simply the most fun you can have on wheels!

Birthday? Club or group party? School Christmas Party?

Whatever the occasion you’ve probably done bowling, the activity centre, bouncy castles and football in the park.

To book call us on 0800 688 9311

Here’s a party that’s cool, fun, original and gets everyone on a roll. Simply pre-book your party and enjoy an afternoon of skating mayhem, along with other groups, as the DJ puts a ‘shout out’ for your birthday person or group.

You can send in a ‘slideshow’ or ‘message’ to put up on the massive video screens – bring some balloons, luminous leg warmers and balloons and you’re roller party will be complete.

This is no village hall, leisure centre or converted club – The Mo’club is built for roller discos.

  • Massive wooden floor you’ll have of room to skate and it’s a soft landing if you fall
  • 10K quality sound system
  • Safe and skate friendly bar area
  • UV lighting that will light up every item of luminous wear
  • Unique club decor and lighting system
  • skate friendly toilets!

For some food then within 5 minutes is McDonalds, Ikea, ASK Pizza or TGI Fridays.


Price –

£6.00 Entry per person

£2.00 Skate hire per person

We offer group discounts!

Book 4 or more and receive £1.00 off per head

Book 10 or more and receive £2.00 off per head

Group discounts can only be obtained if you pre book your event

Call us on 0800 688 9311 or book online today!